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Dear readers

Until the laws in our country is changed, every year the Catholic Faith supports travel to Washington D.C. in the annual MARCH FOR LIFE, a gathering of several hundred citizens who march to the nation’s capital to seek change for the cause of life. The idea is to protect life from start to finish. End abortion clinics and abortion in our country!

This year the trip will be held from January 20 to the 23rd 2012. Participants will see D.C. but also miss one day of school. If interested, please contact David at dheimann@stisioreparish.org or 630-307-3179 for the Catholic Headquarters at 630-307-3179

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Robert Jones


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Welcome to our webpage! With concerns these days with the poor, Economy, Jobs, the war on terror, and spending, I have thrown my ‘Hat Into The Ring.’ It seem like to me that there are those who will run over our constitution and try to disregard what it means. I don’t. It is what America stand for and I love it! No to Socialism and those who wish to turn to that stuff and damage the American way of life!

Terrorism is also evil. As you congressman, this is not going to happen. If caught, they will be put in front of a military court. If found in the wrong be put to death! Sad to say but needed to stop the problem. We have to let be known this is not happening here at anytime! Why I am running to be your next congressman As a write in!

We have to put America first and put away the two-party labels. Address getting jobs back into our country by tax credits for doing business here including equipment and land for factories and warehouses. This creates employment for example. Have more excess for oil off shore and elsewhere if safe to do without damage to our natural resources.

We have to continue the good fight on the war on terrorism. Put this way, we can have the battle there or in Chicago, New York, or Florida! Give generals the tools to win just as in World War II and take congress out of the picture. Guard the boarders better and tougher standards for those here illegal. In short, fight terrorism before it happens. The bottom line.

Finally, control spending and abuse found in welfare, Social Security, and Medicare and Medicare. For example,my mother in law is in treatment for an injury. She later gets well. Returning the medical product (worth 500.-600. dollars, the doctor tells her to ‘ Throw it away.’ This type of stuff don’t fly with me. Waste indeed!

With the economy in bad shape lost of jobs, and waste in spending I am concerned as you are. I hope you will cast your vote for me this spring and with God’s help, we will make a different!

With respect,
Robert L. Jones

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